Idle Screenings is over for now. There are further plans for some of these platforms. Check idlescreenings for news.



Install our screensaver to turn your empty computer into a theatre of stars.



Scroll distractedly through our blog containing cool clips from good content.



Schedule a meeting, press play on our presentation, leave for lunch.

How it Works

Each day, you can interact with our content network in the following three ways:


The Idle Screenings content delivery network performance will run for five days straight.

Content Dates Direct Links
Avatar March 5th, 2012 Browse Download
The Dark Knight March 6th, 2012 Browse Download
Transformers March 7th, 2012 Browse Download
Inception March 8th, 2012 Browse Download
The Hangover March 9th, 2012 Browse Download


  1. What does the screensaver do?

    The screensaver turns on while you're gone, and streams the content of the day to your computer. There is no audio.

  2. What about the presentation?

    Each slideshow contains one frame-per-slide, and runs at one slide-per-second, end-to-end. There is no audio.

  3. Why aren't the GIFs looping?

    A bug in Chrome.

  4. Why do this?

    Idle Screenings works to investigate:

    • Content containers as content
    • The ubiquity of consumer access to content
    • The shift in the perceptual value of content as it is shared

About the Project

We all watch content — it permeates our lives.

Idle Screenings thanks you for stopping by.

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